Rosé & Rose Vodka 750ml Bundle Deal
Rosé & Rose Vodka 750ml Bundle Deal

Rosé & Rose Vodka 750ml Bundle Deal

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This 2019 Tankersley Estate Rosé was created using the finest handpicked Pinot Noir grapes. These were gently whole bunch pressed and the resulting juice fermented slowly to retain flavour and finesse. The resulting Rosé shows cherry and bramble flavours supported by fine acidity and fruit richness. Best served chilled.

Produced and bottled by New Zealand Unlimited Vineyards Ltd

Cromwell, Central Otago, New Zealand

Contains 14.0% Alcohol

Contains Approx: 8.3 Standard Drinks

The Rose Vodka was produced by Carbonsix Distillery Ltd in Takapuna, Auckland. 

Contains 40.0% Alcohol

Contains Approx: 23.5 Standard Drinks

CarbonSix focuses on producing smooth and crisp artisan vodka from natural ingredients by fermentation of sugars and starches. Without all the smoke and mirrors.

We distill our vodka 8 times, filter it 22 times with sand and charcoal before infusing it with carefully selected natural fruits, herbs, spices, and flowers. 

Inc.Rose presents floral, citrus, and fruit flavors against a perfect harmony between sweetness & bitterness. 

Best served chilled.